LVR restrictions are gone – what it means to you.

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Every commentary at the moment, is talking about the Reserve Bank getting rid of the Loan to Value Ratio restrictions.

People are saying it is a good thing for the market, but nobody has yet to explain why.

What does this mean for the investor and for the market as a whole? Is this move enough to “save” the property market from the impending recession?


So I grabbed some paper and tried to map out how it would actually pan out for the average property investor with a home plus two rentals. I discovered some interesting results.

I’d appreciate hearing what impact you think this will have – so post something back on Facebook and tell me how you see this going down.

  • Full credit to my cameraman/eldest son for the steady camera work.

LVR restriction removal will create a mini property boom.

The removal of the Loan to Value restrictions is going to impact the property market more than any move to date including record low interest rates.I explain why in this rough and ready video clip.Full credit to my son who had to hold a camera for me while his arms got the shakes.

Posted by Steve Goodey – Property Coach on Friday, May 1, 2020


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