I’m looking forward to your success through my private coaching program. Initially we want to get started by deep diving into where you are now so I can tailor the work I do with you that will bring you the success you desire.

You can save this page and go through it in steps but the sooner I get this back the sooner we can push forward.

Step 1 - Letter of Engagement
Step 2 - Connect

Get Connected Directly With Me

If you have not already connected with me on Whats App. Make sure my number is in your phone and send me a message. I will be able to add you to groups as needed.

Step 3 - Onboarding Questionnaire
It’s important to get a handle on your mindset coming into this. How do you feel about the following?
  • How are you feeling about the following in the present?

  • What’s your future vision?

  • What’s motivating you to go from where you are now to your future vision?

  • What’s your current experience level?

    Tick the box if you have done any of these:
Step 4 - Financial Position
  • Steve Say's "Wealth is created by owning quality assets for a long period of time"

    This requires you to have and understand how to use the resources available to you.

    Your resources include:
  • Time:

  • Cash Money:

  • (includes all liquid cash assets, redraw facilities ect)
  • Equity:

  • List any items/assets worth more than $10,000 that you own and what they have owing against them.
  • Knowledge:

  • Motivation:

  • Support network:

  • Income:

  • Does your current income "Cost" you too much in time, headspace, sanity?
  • Ability to Borrow:

Step 5 - Funding Application
The next step is for us to get clear on your financial position. A mortgage broker I have trusted and used to secure me finance has supplied us with this great document. Please complete it and return to me.

Download: AAA Mortgage Supply Application Form

  • Drop files here or

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