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Boomers own all the Property

I enjoyed trying to explain my point of view in this article for
It’s always dangerous and also interesting to read the comments that people make.
They normally include the following:
1. It’s easy for you.
2. I must have inherited it, or been given a hand from my parents.
3. You could do that when you started but you can’t now.
4. This is why we need a capital gains tax to stop this.
5. People should only be allowed to own one house at a time.
6. I must not pay any tax.
7. All my properties are probably dumps that I don’t maintain.
8. The government needs to step in.

Amongst the positive responses that I’ve had to the article today was “There’s only a housing crisis if you don’t own some houses.”

I must admit that I do enjoy writing media pieces and getting the feedback but often some of it is very weird.

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