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My Top Negotiation Tip

We were looking through the vault and found a video i did about my ‘Top Negotiation Tip’ I still use this to today and it is valuable for any Real Estate investor to not just watch this – but start implementing it.

Who is Steve Goodey?

For over 14 years now, Steve has committed to imparting his tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in all property investment strategies, to those seeking a safe, successful and rewarding property journey.

Steve has been a full time property investor since 1999 and has at one time completed a property renovation every 9 days. He invests in large scale multi–income residential properties, small to medium commercial investments, as well as being involved in many residential apartment developments.

As one of New Zealand’s Leading property investment speakers, people listen to his property investment and market comments, which are sought by many national media outlets, such as the New Zealand Property Investor magazine, The Herald, Sunday Star Times, Dominion Post and Christchurch Press, as well as appearing on Campbell Live and TVNZ news and speaking at a number of the Property Investor groups and conferences both nationally and internationally.

Negotiation is Steve’s ‘super-power’ and impressive to witness, in a quiet, controlled manner he can craft superior outcomes in person, in contracts and especially in the auction room.

He love’s working with new property investors’ right through to experienced traders and developers, imparting his knowledge, expertise and strategies, nurturing clients to grow their confidence, portfolios and their wealth. Steve and his hand picked and trained team ensures his clients benefit from the financial rewards good property investment decisions bring, allowing them to create lifestyles for their families that many others aspire too.

Steve just thinks about property investment and life differently to almost everyone else.

If you’re ready to think differently, and live the life that you know is possible. If you’re ready to use property as your chosen investment vehicle and expand into exciting strategies, Steve and his team are ready to give you the skill set required for success.

Steve Goodey


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